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This website was originally created by researchers James Fadiman PhD, and Sophia Korb PhD, who were the first to collect and analyze over 1700 anecdotal reports from microdosers across the globe. The data resulting from analyzing these reports was first published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs in 2019: Might Microdosing Psychedelics Be Safe and Beneficial? An Initial Exploration.

This has inspired dozens of academic studies and community science projects, that look deep into the working mechanisms, effects, medicinal potential and therapeutic potential of the practice of microdosing psychedelics. Upon Dr. Fadiman’s request this website is now being managed and updated by Microdosing Institute.

About James Fadiman

Dr. James Fadiman is a leading scientific expert on the use of psychedelics for personal exploration, healing, and transformation. He has been researching, writing and lecturing on the topic for more than fifty years. His research focuses on exploring the potential of psychedelics to help individuals achieve a more meaningful, balanced and enlightened life. He has written numerous books on the topic, such as The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide and Your Symphony Of Selves, and is widely considered to be one of the most influential figures in the field.

Dr. James Fadiman

Since 2010, James Fadiman has been collecting thousands of anecdotal reports from people who have tracked their experience; both the benefits and challenges that resulted from their microdosing practice. His pioneering work has been instrumental in demonstrating the potential of microdosing to improve mood, creativity, focus, and overall well being.

Currently, research teams across the world are continuing to build off of Dr. Fadiman’s work while investigating the practice of microdosing through the lens of many disciplines, including neuroscience, psychology, sociology and pharmacology. While the understanding of microdosing is still in its infancy, the body of knowledge is growing with dozens of microdosing studies being published each year.

Dr. Fadiman was also the first to develop a standard protocol for microdosing so that people could do a safe and purposeful experiment by themselves; this protocol has come to be known as the Fadiman Protocol and involves microdosing for one day on, two days off and continue for at least one month.

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Additionally, Dr. Fadiman encourages microdosers to step into the role of self and community scientists by tracking their observed effects in a daily journal. Through his research he also proposes that microdosing may have more lasting effects and far-reaching potential when combined with coaching or therapy, and while tapping into the support of a community.

Dr. Fadiman has been a long time advisor and mentor of Microdosing Institute, which offers rich, science backed education and community connection to support the growing number of people that desire to microdose safely, consciously and optimally.